How to set up your custom (sub)domain in hashnode ?


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Okay, this is officially my first article.

After reading this you might say this could have been a tweet. Nonetheless, let's keep going.

So, as you can probably see that this article does not have a URL. It has a custom URL. So the thing is hashnode provides a feature that allows you to host your articles with your custom domain. It is acting like your server (kinda).

So, I had my domain lying around so I thought why not just start writing articles? Hashnode quickly appeared to be the most viable option, so opted for it.

Now wanted to point to hashnode not root domain (

So here are the basic steps I followed:

  1. I have purchased my domain from bigrock , yours could be something else like GoDaddy, Namecheap etc. but the process would be more or less similar.

  2. During your account creation hashnode asks you about your URL where you can select a custom domain. I did that. Then they will give you an IPv4 address which you have to it in your A record. (You can get those options later in your dashboard if you have signed up earlier).

  3. Go to your domain's control panel and then to the DNS Records.

    DNS Records

  4. During the adding process in your domain provider, they will give you the option to select a sub-domain that I selected.

  5. Then after one hour or so your page will be ready with all your articles.

    Successfully mapped.

    Edit on 23rd August: I migrated my domain's DNS to Cloudflare for easy management and security. But now my custom blog site was not working. Checked out my Domain Settings and found something interesting. Here is a screenshot.

    That's it for this one. Leave a comment to suggest any improvements.

    Peace. ✌️